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I first kept tropical fish when I was in grade school my aunt gave me my first guppies. I eventually went in an out of the hobby while growing up. As I grew older my durational stays would last longer when in high school in the 70s I began my love affair with the Discus – The King of the Aquarium.  Eventually I became very involved in the hobby and began to question the water quality because no one could answer my questions about the water in which my fish were swimming. I learned on my own the relationships of pH . . . conductivity . . . TDS and water chemistry.

I got very involved with the aspect of water and breeding discus fish in the hobby and an opportunity arose when I was offered a consultation position for the Wardley Corporation in Secaucus New Jersey in 1991.  At that time I was a Police Officer in the South Suburbs of Chicago. In 1993 I was offered a promotion to the Director of Research and Development for the Wardley Corporation, after 15 years of dealing with the criminal element I decided to change careers and accepted the job at Wardley. This job led me all over the world . . . literally . . . discussing water treatment, chemistry and products associated with water, with the best public aquariums and aquarist minds in the world.

In 1994 the Wardley corporation was bought out by the Hartz Mountain Corporation and in 1995 he was transferred to the Ruskin, Fl area to build\and designed a state of the art lab that was located on the grounds of “Tampa Live Stock Distributors”  in Ruskin Florida which was owned by the Hartz Mountain Corporation.  However, as an agreement with the move with Hartz Mountain I had to refrain from breeding fish personally.

In 1997 as Hartz Mountain was contemplating about selling off their pet specialties division I left the aquarium industry and went into the Potable Drinking Water and Swimming Pool Industry. I learned much more about water chemistry, treatment and hydraulics. I tested, studied and researched other alternatives for drinking water and swimming pool disinfection utilizing ozonation and the electrolysis process. Through this effort I was granted 7 additional patents to the 6 I was granted when I worked for Wardley these 7 new patents were based on the new technologies/ applications I developed. Which are being used today in swimming pools and drinking water in the State of Florida. After much deliberation I thought it would be great to put everything that I learned together and get back into the study and research of some challenging species of Tropical Fish.

This webs site will also be the first of its kind do to its “cross over” into other water industries not limited to potable water, swimming pools, fountains and ponds.

Patents Granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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