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Free Shipping, USPS Priority mail in continental USA only. These Discus are dime size and are on liquefied beef heart, the Brine Shrimp Flake from Brine Shrimp Direct and will still take live baby brine. Why ship so small? Smaller Discus acclimate better than larger Discus. Some of the best Discus I ever got where from Jack Wattley in the late 80s early
90s they were $24.95 and the size of a
fingernail no losses. Small Discus
acclimated very quickly. Water conditions
are 350 MicroSiemens less than
80 mg/l Total Hardness. The pH is not
important. I do not import Discus due to
diseases and parasitic issues all the
Discus are bred by me. All my Discus
with the proper care will turn out
to be “knock out show quality fish”

Please email me or call with any questions.
Platinum Angel pair
Platinum Angel pair