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Filtration For FRY!!!
Betta and Betta Fry Rocket 5 -15 gallon "Rock Filter" tm Rocket Filter tm (patent pending) This extra small filter is a new design from the common box/corner filter that will out perform any sponge filter. This filter comes with the media and is ready to use. It can be used in Betta and Betta Fry tanks without any danger to the fry. This filter can be used in most fry tanks – replacing the sponge filter the slits are so small that a razor blade is a very tight fit.

This filter will not clog as the particulate matter itself will become the filter. If any of the “Rocket Filters” clogged they would be pulling a negative vacuum and float to the surface.

Not only will the “Rocket Filter” tm make your aquarium crystal clear but it is a very good nitrifying filter and you will be able to tell when it needs to be clean by the color change on the fiber material. – No ammonia spikes as you have with sponge filters and will not slime up as sponge filters do.

Notice the razor blade in the openings of the filter . . . it just barely fits . . . the inlets are small.

The beaker the filter is sitting on in the picture is NOT included!!

The cost is $14.00 and shipping in the continental USA is $7 and that shipping will cover up to 4 filters. Each filter comes (is packed) with gravel and floss. The one pictured is for 5 to15 gallon aquariums with a very small foot print. Will ship world wide supply me with your city country and city/country code and I will give you shipping costs.

Thank You . . . We do acccept paypal!

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