Circulating Bio Contactors
Videos and Prices Below!
Circulating Bio Contactors (CBCs) are relatively new in the aquarium trade.
They are entirely a Biological Filter for the process of Nitrification. They do not trap particulate matter thus they never clog! Because of this they never have to be cleaned. Their sole principle is the conversion of Ammonia NH3 to Nitrate N0. As you can see in the video the filter media is in constant motion moving from top to bottom allowing for a tremendous amount of surface area for nitrifying bacteria.

At first the filter media contained in the filter is white and after a time it will go from a light yellow then to a light brown this is normal and it shows the filter is alive and working. Also, you no longer have to worry about fish (fry) getting “sucked up” in this filter as they will eventually pass through and you no longer will have to turn your filter off when feeding as the food will also pass through. You will also see a difference in the behavior in your fish due to the amount of oxygen that is put in to your tank as this is powered by air at the same time your filtering you are also adding oxygen.

The one pictured below (3rd one) is operating in a 55-gallon aquarium and can handle up to a 90-gallon aquarium and can be partnered with any hang on back (HOB) filter. This filter comes ready to go with the media already in it, just drop it in your tank and contact it to an air pump. Remember this filter never needs to be cleaned “set it and forget it”
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CBC 10 - $29 - up to 20 gallons
CBC 29 - $39 - up to 55 gallons
CBC 55 - $49 - up to 90 gallons
10-20 gallons $29
20-55 gallons $39
55-90 gallons $49