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Chloramine Removal System

We all know that chlorine is toxic to fish but chloramines are even more so. Fish that have been exposed to any amount of chloramines if they do not perish they can suffer from irreparable gill damage.

The Chlorine/Chloramines removing systems all have Catalytic Carbon that was developed by the Calgon Corporation and it is made out of bituminous coal and is used specifically for water treatment removal of chloramines. It was developed for kidney dialysis patients as chloramines are toxic to them.

The pets stores normally sell coconut shell carbon which is a wood based carbon that is not really meant for water filtration but used normally for air filtration. Just because you may buy coconut shell carbon does not mean it's made out of coconuts . . . could be any type of wood. In fact you can buy coconut shell carbon in any supermarket under the out-door grilling area it’s sold as "Lump Coal" it is great for grilling though! Note: Coconut shell carbon or wood carbons can not remove chloramines.

The single unit will run you $99.95 shipping included. The double $159.95 shipping included.

They both come complete with housing (2 for the double) flow restrictor, mounting bracket and Catalytic Carbon one pound per each housing and a special redox material - kdf that I add to the carbon to keep bacteria/biofilm from forming on the carbon surface.

The Carbon is in a refillable 1 lb. cartridge canister that I weigh and make up myself. The replacement Cartridge/canisters are $29 each.

At Lowe's/Home Depot the only carbon cartridge close to what I have was $33 and mine was still vaxtly superior.

I am sure you will be happy with this system. You will get around 3-4 gallons per minute of treated water and you will no longer need any other types of chemicals/water conditioners so your chemistry will not change and your fish will do much better. Depending on your water supply on a single unit you will get 4000 to 8000 gallons on a double 8000 to 12,000 gallons or more.

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