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"ROCKET" Egg Tumbler!!!
To Simulate the Mouth- Brooding
of the African Cichlids
Rocket Egg Tumbler
ROCKET Egg Tumbler
"Rocket"tm Egg Tumbler
BUY IT NOW!!! For $27.95 free shipping!!!! In USA the Rocket tm Egg Rotator/ Tumbler as shown in the pictures below. Each Tumbler measures 2.5” around at the base by 5.5” tall with a 2.5” tube at the top. The Tumbler is 8" in total height, comes with cleaned pea gravel in base. All that you need to do is connect it to an air source. A flat base allows the Rocket tm Egg Rotator/Tumbler to sit on the bottom of any tank!  No more screwing around with suction cups. Due to its size they can hold many eggs this can come in handy with multiple females of the same species. The Rocket tm Egg Rotator/Tumbler also comes with 2 tops one top has a built in screen to keep eggs and fry in. The other top is open thus allowing the fry to eventually swim out on there own or with the help of just increasing the air. The tops are interchangeable at anytime. The Rocket tm Egg Tumbler/Rotator are perfect for all Mouth brooding Cichlids and any other species whose eggs need movement for development. They require only 1 air hose for operation. FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!! USA only. Will ship world wide send me your address for a shipping quote.
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